Life is good!


I bumped this song all summer, has a 90s feel to it.  I am a little bummed out that I visited the mooring field last week when it was 65 degrees out, and all the boats were tipped over, so sailing has been postponed indefinitely until next year. Life is good, however I haven’t had time to touch my camera since being cooked up in my apartment during hurricane Sandy.
Sketched a few ideas that I need to shoot but that will come in time. I’ve been inspired  a lot stangely by songs that I am currently listening too; I really love the way that my brain works, one line from a song will trigger a vivid image in my head, and i will sketch it out what I see in my little notebook before I shoot, long way to go but getting better with time. Currently caught up with a film editing course on the weekends and also working on a new website, will post soon. No worries I will also shoot soon.
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