Lesson Learnt

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It was simply gorgeous out for the first half of today,  seemed like everyone was out enjoying the weather and counting the fallen trees in Prospect Park,  but it was absolutely idiotic of me to go for a run knowing that I have the flu. Returning home my body temperature rose to such  a volcanic level, that even my fingernails felt like they were on fire. I was convinced that I was just simply falling asleep when I sat down on my couch, but I am  now pretty sure that I fainted. WTF was I thinking. Extremely idiotic idea that was!


I have a very sharp memory for images, numbers and faces, however I am horrible at recalling names; before I passed out I glanced at my hands while opening the door and an image that I had seen about a year ago by fame photographer David Lachapelle, it randomly popped into my head. So I took sometime to track it down after I was done my own photo, and found it thru his site, I can’t believe it was done in 1989. There’re many reasons why his photo left an impression on me, but I’ve said enough, So, here is the inspiration for this image, its the seventh photo in the Mirrors of God series.
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