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A perfect day to just chill, but checkout the setup…

Antelope Canyon

Bryce Canyon Day hike

Family first

Hiking Red rock with socks and stilettos.

Quality time

Simple Life












Will be posting regularly here ^^

Independence Day: Saint Lucia

Happy 38th Independence to my beautiful little island in the sun. Although I may sail on many seas, St.Lucia will always be home.

Slushy White Surprise…Snow


Missing the Bangkok’s heat. Next trip in early planning stages; Philippines, Indonesia or Euro-trip undecided.

farmer brown


At the age of 8-10 all I wanted to be was farmer. I planted all sort of a things from mangoes, peanuts, coconuts, coffee plants, cocoa, sugar apples, plums. this list goes on. The excitement of seeing a tiny plant shoot up from a seed that I planted in the ground was what I lived for back then… Oh the simple joys of life growing up…I miss ya!