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Dashing in the snow


How did we land SAFELY in that mess! Toronto to JFK. WHEW!!

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Will definitely visit here again for another quick getaway!



Soaking up the sun glad to have escape the rain in NYC….Here’s a good piece on Earthing.

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Did not expect such a amazing sunsets in Canada…this reminds me.. the Manhattanhenges, May 28th,¬† 29th and July 12th and 13th.

Not to be Mist….


The sound of the falls all around you, the current, the mist…..just freak’in breathtaking!!!!!!! If you’re ever at the falls try the Maid of the Mist!

Eat, drink, laugh




“Quick grab your Iphone there’s fireworks” ūüôā

Big wheelie….



Love biking around in cities that I’ve never visited before, for exploring I will always choose biking vs being enclosed in a rented car / slowly trekking on foot. Just when I thought¬†I was the only puss to have a major fear of roller coasters, my friend started freaking out, over the Ferris Wheel. At 8 yrs. old, upon figuring out that it was the slowest moving ride at my first amusement park visit I haven’t ¬†graduated to and will never plan on riding any of these scary coasters; the wheel offered another awesome view of the falls. A much more amazing view at nights during fireworks.

Niagara Falling



What a shock last week while on the Staten Island ferry, I realized that I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty! I’ve been in New York on and off for 15 FREAKING years now. ¬†Given this revelation I’ve decided to chillax on running away, instead will stay put with some plans on exploring things on the continent that I’m already on. Had no forthcoming plans for the holiday weekend, so when my friend ¬†in Ontario mentioned the Falls, I quickly booked & bravely hopped on this tiny propeller plane out of Newark NJ to Toronto. Getting better at handling rough flights but this is now marking the most turbulent flight of my life for taking off during Friday’s flash flood, ¬†however even with near fatal turbulence 1hr vs 11hrs on a train / bus was so worth it. Landing to jaw-dropping sunset on the horizon was a short-lived amazement as Canada has one of the most insulting customs and immigration control out of all the places I have been. I was grilled and question for 25mins on the purpose of my visit; why, who do I know? when I’m staying? what do I do for living? who is picking you up? what does my friend do? how do you know them? where are you hiking too? ¬†FUCK ME! I was one question away from telling these professional assholes that I DON’T WANT TO VIST YOUR FUCKING COUNTRY ANYMORE, PUT ME BACK ON THE PLANE NOW! PLEASE! So happy to escape whatever other verbal torture that they had in store for those who failed the first series of questions, the joy to have finally made it out to my friend smiling waiting on the other side, she made my trip a blast!

Plans for the summer, hope to check off a few things from this list soon:

  • -Mount Rushmore
  • -Lincoln Memorial
  • -Washington Memorial
  • -Grand Canyon
  • -Monument Valley
  • -Yosemite Falls
  • -Yellowstone
  • -Death ValleY