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I witness the most amazing thing that I’ve ever seen in my life…. but at gun point I was forbidden to capture it on camera. The old man on the swing, he clapped his hands twice, then before our eyes morphed into little agile monkey, climbed a tree to prove that it was real and not monkey business. He picked a jelly coconut for each person in audience then he morphed back into his human form. That was his show, at the end in the last photo he walked away like a boss.  Incredible!

Ok, Seriously now, If you love Elephants as much as I do please sign this Petition.


Craving a smoothie..



Found a faded washed out note on a piece of paper towel in a pants pocket that I haven’t worn in a while, I knew exactly what it was when I saw it, a scribbled list of recipes… My taste buds do not forget!  That lovely lady above “Thia” had a festive birthday party on the beach, she’s so friendly that people just flocked and brought their skills to her party for free. One guest brought his african drums, had everyone glass of wine in hand grooving on the beach under the moonlight, a fire dancer entertained us, and some of her dear friends cooked some delicious local food. We spoke for a while, she’s never left the Island and never intends too, she is so happy and content, me and this couple were invited the following day to take a cooking class at her juice bar.. but I did more eating than learning…now I wish I could make out this note of what was in there because I ‘m so craving for an ice-chipped smoothie in this NYC heat right now.

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Thrilla in Manila


I can’t stop laughing at this line: “Killa and a Thrilla and a Chilla, when I get that gorilla in Manila”,  Ali seemed like he was one funny character to be around. Anyway, there are times where you just have to walk up and say hi, and whadoyouknow that little hi has the possibility to turn a complete stranger into a very good friend. Met Xiangyu on a 10hr train ride from Bangkok to Sarat Thani, turns out we both shared a passion for traveling & photography, we spoke randomness, now with me back in the US and her back in China we’ve somehow managed to keep in touch. She’s now successfully poisoned my daydreams with the idea of exploring the Philippines in October; which is great timing given that at the time I’m also planning to already be back in Thailand for a co-worker’s wedding. Using Thailand as my bridge, a ticket from there to Manila shouldn’t be too pricey.

It seems like the universe is giving me another chance, I promised it that terrible night that I won’t drink and drive ever again. I think it was satisfied with my little vow! Very excited that I might have the opportunity to explore again and flip over stones that I left unturned in Thailand, my last vacation was a bust towards the end, cut short by my near fatal accident. Guess what I found…In the dark cobwebbed folders on my hard-drive I’ve found tons of photos such as the one above which I never had the opportunity to post to my Thai category, will post soon in the coming days….. In the mean time check out Xia’s dreamy travel photos (shot w/ film) here.

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can I quit my job to just walk my dog, lay on the grass and read books in the park all freaking summer long…If only money grew on trees!

Patronizing the arts….



Sun-day Fruit stop…


Collecting Fresh fruit for a fantastic smoothie treat!

In Bangkok


Fucking drained! Touched down from Dubai at 7:30pm, my energy level is on par with my I- Phone, 9% — not once did I care to gaze out the taxi window, instead I am on my back in the back seat, legs stretched to the window, I am passed out. Lesson: never accept 90 proof homemade Vodka from the passenger next to you, a Kazakhstan man who’s only comfort for fear of flying is eating peanuts and getting wasted. No idea how I recall some interesting life conversations we shared, doesn’t make sense since he barely spoke English. Ah fuck it, you can have a decent back and forth with an ant with that much liquor in your system . Thank you Emirates for not banning me from ever flying with you guys again.

Kazak Vodka now out my system, I woke up in this small condo that I booked 2hrs into my flight, ( this little site is god sent). Now standing smack in the middle of Bangkok at 8am,  I can now understand why some people hate this place. It’s fucking hot and humid, the sky’s a very depressing grey, loud, traffic is a nightmare; tuk tuks, motorcycles, cars, people, its atrocious. But somehow I LOVE IT!  People seem more alive, more in touch with life here that in all the chaos I felt a weird sense of peace. A large part is due to the many friendly people I encountered in a short span of time.

I had five choices getting around:

  1. Walking
  2. Tuk Tuk
  3. Motocy
  4. BTS
  5. Taxi

My choice, the Motocy of-course, I chose it because it seemed like the only logical way to zip thru traffic and get from point A-B. Don’t be prissy and take a taxi,  if so then be prepare to sit comfortably in gridlock for a long while, well on the positive side at lease you’re comfortable in AC,  take a Tuk Tuk and expect the same but this time be prepare to sit in traffic miserably with heat and noise as your companions. As a daily MTA subway rider I had no interest in the BTS as a means to get around, the subway system is straight forward.

Motorcycles and scooters the way to go, they swam the streets, everyone from a sharp looking business woman to a grandma with her basket of groceries dodge traffic skillfully riding one. If you don’t know how to handle a motorcycle be prepare to be embarrass when from the corner of your eye you take hold of who just zoomed past you, yes it’s a lady upper 60s, and yes that’s her grandchild straddling her from the back. Skills!

You can find Motorcy queues at almost any busy corner, both male and female drivers, you can spot them by their bright colorful vest. If you want to catch a ride, just walk over, give your destination, hop on the back then negotiate the price once you get to your destination – of course be smart about not getting scammed, rarely would they over price you and if so, not by much.

As for safety, you’re taking a major risk dodging thru traffic at 60-70 miles per hour on the back of a motorcycle, I saw some gruesome accidents while holding on for dare life, but I enjoyed the thrill, that’s just me. ALWAYS ask for a helmet, most drivers won’t have one to give, but at lease you asked and if one is available WEAR IT. Yes,  most Thais don’t wear them, these folks are very skillful at riding, they do this every day, but shit can happen ANY-DAY.

A day at a time..


Take life one day at a time…

That’s what a wise man said to me, He said, “Life, in all it’s complexity Is the ultimate test for you and me.”