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Going nowhere

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Love the tunes, the sun, the sky,  the people…

being home or just simply being in a tropical environment does good things to my spirit; its unexplainable.


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And…we are lost.

Sunset & Sailboats


Lovely moderate evening out, two of my favorites in one picture. So Giddy!

Little things

Catch of the day


Weird but almost forgot that fish have blood, guess I’m always buying fish fully cleaned so I never get to see the blood. Tough negotiations happening at the table.

Catching crabs


For quiet times I disappear to listen to the ocean; I’ve been coming to this very spot since the age of eight.  Kinda thought this guy was about to commit suicide but turns out he was just a brave soul searching for crabs.

Steel pan


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Getting a Steel Pan lesson. These guys has been practicing every night past 12 am for an upcoming competition, finally decided to check out where these tunes out my window were coming from. They’re good!!!

A ride


I haven’t had a good time in a long time, you know I.. 🙂


Sandy Beach


Happens every time.. ..Don’t put a sandy beach in front of me;  I vowed not to  jump in, didn’t leave the house with my swimming trunks, but fuck it…stripped down to my boxers and I’m in. I should learn by now, while here always be prepared for the beach, morning, noon or night.


Beach chairs


Love those kids, they carry enough energy to light a city block. Man it feels good to be home.

Puppy bath


A 5 month old puppy (huge) learning how to swim, it’s her first time at the beach.