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In the morning…


‘I got a feeling we are gonna win — our bodies make it perfect — and your eyes can make me swim. Then again everything seems new — I can barely hold my tongue…to say the least I’m into you’



The gift that keeps on giving.. I keep finding pictures..found these on my pocket camera.

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There’s a limit to your love…



Decided to combine a few pictures & some random clips that I took of these guys performing at the Jazz Fest in Montreal. YouTube doesn’t play it in high quality and also cropped the display, nevertheless Enjoy.

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So Carelessly there…




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Winey Chat. Wine & Cigaretts


I came across this random photo while deleting pics from my phone’s camera. I now remember taking this while leaving old Montreal at 2am one night, after a long chat with a buddy over a few glasses of wine. We chatted about life..dreams… beyond NYC…marriage…sailing..nature..hikes, but the underlying thread throughout the conversation was; he thinks I would fit well in Montreal and wants me to think about settling down here.

Him: you know,…meet a nice french girl and settle down

Me: I don’t speak french very well. I can’t even understand half of this friggin menu here.

[sips his wine]

Him:  ah c’mon, it’s easy to learn.

Me: I dunno, I want to sail for a year or two before I think of settling down.

Him: Sailing?

Me: Yea![pause] Yea,well..I have to, before my life is over or else I will be miserable [pause] my soul is already calling for it…its agitated that I am not out at sea yet.

Him: Well you find a woman here who enjoys sailing and you two take off together when the time is right, there are many ports and marina’s here, plus the lakes”

Him: Life is not to be wasted in a rat race in NYC, and you can’t sail there, can you.

Him: You can get caught up in the cycle of things there and not even have the chance or even a sec of your day to reflect on the cycle of life ITSELF [pause] or hear a bird chirp away, or listen to the raindrops falling.

Me: Well,  I’ve never thought about sharing this experience with someone, come to think of it, whenever I draw up a mental picture, Its always me cruising single-handed [pause] and well…life is what you make it…anywhere!

Me: “Wherever you go…there you are”. Right?

Me: I can move to Jersey, New Hampshire or upstate NY to hear raindrops, or watch frogs leap across a lake.

[We both laugh, he sips his wine]

Him: [Glass in hand one hand, cigarette in the other] Keyword is “listen” not hear the raindrops, there is a difference MAN!

Him: You will get it eventually. Yours may very well be the ocean, [pause] but you will get what I mean.

Me: I know [sips wine, laughs] I know.

Waiter:  Mister, un autre verre de vin?



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Culture Day..Greek..Jamacia..Cuban….


Such a wonderful feeling when everyone can gather together on an Island for a day of fun, laughter and great music, even the sun feels different on days like these,  you soak up the golden rays feeling youthful and energized.

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Dope’ness: Jazz Art


For more dope’ness head over to Graffiti Art Magazine or visit Monk-E’s page. Speak no french.. no problem, switch on the page translator.

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Bixi stroll: Ctown


I am no big fan of HDR photography, but there are times like this where it enhances the captured shot. I didn’t get to spend much time in Chinatown, cycled past it camera-less at the time.. but…..every city has a Chinatown.”Montreal’s Chinatown is a vibrant nightspot for locals and tourists alike thanks to a special regulation by Montreal’s city officials which slates the sector as a tourist area, thus allowing it to continue operations well into the evening” After reading this quote I regret not giving it a walkthrough to search for a chill-out spot, because besides old Montreal, most places closed up shop quite early.

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Montreal’s Musee des Beaux Arts


Hoop on a Bixi and rode around the city. Ended up staring at art for longer than I intended. The Throne Room of the Queluz National Palace in Sintra, Portugal by Dorain FitzGerald. It’s the 5th in the set below. I read that this was created from an entirely new technique which the blurb explained that he used acrylic medium strips of acetate and a photostatic printer, with a process that’s too ingenious for me to recall, but just look at the completed piece..I did for…about …25mins.

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Heat Wave


Getting a bit better in understanding written french, I was able to to read and understand part of the newspaper in Montreal while waiting for the Metro, noticed that I escaped a major heat wave in nYc! Stay Cool!

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