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Heading home


Don’t you look down. don’t you look down, you are high above ground. Flying above Nuuk, Greenland. Had a bit of turbulence, this song helped put me at ease, had it on repeat until calmness, well of course I tuned out the part of the lyrics that ask “don’t you think you’re high enough for the fall?”
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Somewhere, where water falls!



Checking out Skogafoss and Seljalandsfos

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Walking: Had a Snappy feeling :-)


“The people that I’ve met, the places that I’ve been, are a part of all that makes me the man that I so proudly am”
I was listening to the song above while sorting thru pictures over a cup of tea, my mind drifted away, to my 8 year old body sitting at the beach, spinning a tiny metal globe on my new pencil, while teasing the waves as they tried with every push to reach my feet,  I now realize that the boy spinning that globe is still trapped in me, still as confused  about the world  that I live in as I was back then; but now I vow to understand, to travel every inch of it that I can afford, be it by land or by sea. I don’t want to  just to read about it anymore, in an Encyclopedia as I curiously did back then, or the internet today. I want to see it with own two eyes, touch things with my own two hands, walk these places with my own two feet. I would love to see it all!
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One of them


Sometimes you just want to be one of them, able to fly away.
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Black Sand Beach: Reynusdrangar


Not yet sure if it’s a bad/good thing that I can sing this song word for word.

The stack of rocks in image twelve, to me, resembles the ice in the cave (fortress of solitude) that Superman flew to for his history lesson in the very first movie; Norse legend says that the stacks originated when two Trolls dragged a three-masted ship to land unsuccessfully and when daylight broke they became needles of rock. I believe it,  because only Trolls can make something that abstract!


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I Caved In


Leidarendi lava tube cave in Hafnarfjörður, subterranean Iceland


Disappearing for 1hr and a half into this dark cave. No question, I chickened out at the last minute.


Um, don’t worry about the fallen rocks, that occurred 10 years after the cave formed 2000 years ago. Okay! Why would I be excited to roam through a dark hole for TWO HOURS when you just informed me earlier that just last week there were a few hundred tremors. No shit.. get me out A.S.A.P! I’ll opt to do a solo climb up the hills instead.  Although an eruption can occur anywhere and lava did flow down these hills sometime ago, but I would take being swallowed by lava over being buried alive in a cave any freaking day.


What a view, my pocket cam doesn’t have good dynamic range so you can’t exactly see what my eyes were absorbing on the horizon. After two hours, I spotted the orange hard hats emerging from the other side of the cave. Time to head back down.

Super ATVs


I can’t explain the thrill of riding these on the open road to then get to the back-roads of Iceland.  There’s no better way to cleanse your mind than soaking in such pure & magnificent landscape.

Blue Lagoon


No words.

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“I don’t want to go to sleep either”


More music from Iceland:

Partying in Reykjavik: Don’t be fooled by the small pastries and substantial entrees of seafood when you visit a restaurant during the day, as they all have a clubby alter-ego. Its a weird experience at first to walk into a cafe in the morning to only walk back in at midnight to witness it’s transformation into full blown night club. In fact you won’t find any Icelandic nightclubs or any place which is known just for being a nightclub. What you will see as I did are many dual type cafe and popular restaurants which functions as such by day, but at nights especially on the weekends, all tables magically disappear, leaving decent amount of empty dance space, a DJ booth is added, lights are dimmed or maybe a disco ball added for that club vibe; then Icelanders line the streets outside at about 1-am-ish to bounce from bar to club and party their ass off into the  early frigid morning.

In these photos are my hotel buddies we survived back to back nights of clubbing from 12-6am, to then get up at 9am for our scheduled adventure tours. Drinking and enjoying yourself at clubs can be exuberant but a bit expensive, I noticed that I did not see any liquor stores during my walking tours of the city so the high prices at bars made a little bit more sense once I factored in that observation.  So what do you do after dancing and drinking your  ass off, well their ritual is to stumble from the ‘bar-club’ down to the center square of the city and form a line at this delicious waffle truck that parks in Lækjartor in the middle of downtown Reykjavik starting at around midnight on weekend nights or the famous Hotdog stand. I have seen the Hotdog stand open, but yet to see the truck during the day, unless it also serves a dual purpose and acts like a tour bus during daylight 🙂

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