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Bone Crusher


Nodding my head jamming to some music on the subway platform last night when this chica came bull-rushing in my direction, landing her fuckin cloven hoof right on my dislocated toe, I almost tumbled onto the tracks. It would have been so much better if she had just kick me in the nutz,  I would have even knelt down and willfully volunteered for that rather than the bone crushing pain. Luckily she was cute and it partially was my fault for standing a bit too her sorry was good enough.

There are two animals in this world that I’m terrified of, rats & snakes, and ironically they both hate each other… so I would shit my pants falling onto the tracks, have you seen the size of these rats prevalent throughout the subway system… you can’t miss them, it wouldn’t take no more than five of these things to turn me into Spinal Ki . During the ride home, I recalled all the noise that came and went like all of today’s news seem to do lately; everyone was up in arms about the MTA needing to put up barriers.  I’m all for safety but I would be way more happy at the second benefit of having barriers, with no one able to ‘litter the tracks’ = (feeding the rats) they will eventually die off.

While in Hong Kong I used the subway to get around a bit, it caught my attention that the barriers not only provided a safe area between you & the train, or, crazy person and the train, because lets face it you won’t willfully jump in front of a train would you…you deranged person you!  These barriers also keep the tracks and stations very clean, I didn’t see any garbage on the tracks, nor was it crawling with rats like NYC’s. Then again also noticed the same in Montreal, however there are no barriers there and the subway stations are still very clean and rodent free……


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