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Jus chillin


A nice quiet Saturday afternoon.

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Rollin in the sun


Parked the car, rented bikes; It’s a lot more comfortable-stress free way of getting around. Also a good way to get to & from the beach + soak in more sun.

South Beach Stroll


Besides Hawaii, personally this is the closest I have seen to a Caribbean island beach here on US soil. And it’s the reason I will  definitely visit again! # Love the beach!

Just one night in Miami


We walked in from the street and into this club where Fat Joe was the guest star of the night. I thought the bouncer would have forced me to check in my camera, but they only requested that I remove my hat, so for the entire night I had to dance with my camera strapped over my shoulder. Turned out everyone wanted to pose for a picture, they thought that I was the house photographer…so why not…I snapped away.

Dinner/ Drinks/ Catchup/ Huge Bill


You can easily get lost in the fun, good food, music, and run up a hefy tab very quickly in Miami if you’re careless and a bit tipsy like we were. Our meal: one lobster, Mahi Mahi, and a steamed Tuna..and well..a lot of drinks… in half an hour $385, not too bad but a bit of a surprise as the same would cost much less in NYC. This is us in mourning, yet still toasting at another bar post dinner. #We Still Love Miami and will visit again in a heartbeat. My camera was on Monochromatic for some odd reason, like b&w but love my life in color!

Road trip (4hrs): Orlando > Miami


My childhood friend had a great idea to drive out to Miami after Thankgiving dinner, for a fun day on the beach and a night out on town. Haven’t seen him in 7years, so a road trip was an excellent idea for catching up and now we’re in talks – planning a 2nd road- trip to California /  Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. Early spring 2013. LUV long drives, LUV road trips.