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Reminiscing Thailand: Tuk Tuk ride


Mmmm, came across a mixture of short clips on my camera’s mem-card that I had no clue what to do with, still amazed at how I covered all this ground in one day, switch to HD and enjoy the short jumbled ride…hehe!

Bye Dubai


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Strolling thru Dubai’s malls

DSC_5019.jpgDSC_5020.jpgDSC_5021.jpgDSC_5022 - Copy.jpgDSC_5027 - Copy (2).jpgDSC_5028.jpgDSC_5030.jpgDSC_5031.jpgDSC_5032.jpgDSC_5033.jpg

I spent hours browsing the malls in Dubai, tucked my stuff in a locker, backpack, camera and all, walked around arms swinging care free, enjoying great food and being absorb in the immesity of it all, eveverything is just grand and faboulous here. There’s a freaking aquarium in the mall…a massive aquarium filled with sharks, tropical fish, and corals, and those rich bastards didn’t stop there, there’s a scuba diving site, you can gear up and go for a dive at the mall, and why stop there one of the malls even had a location to ski indoors somplete with a ski lift and a Mountain Chalet to rent gear.

To the beach!


Heading to the beach. Woah, just saw some cool things happening in Duabi while mapping out a route on my I-phone. Check this out!


Driving around Dubai


Traffic in Dubai is a nightmare, though the roads are massive here on the outskirts  8 – 10 lane highways, things run smoothly on them, however the inner city area you will be stuck in a freeze frame moments for hours due to a legit accident or idiot drivers showing off . Yes you will see funny and iditotic things like this, too much money and time on their hands. I will stick to the metro system next few hours, very easy to learn and get around I heard.

Getting lost in Duabi


Not an issue since people are very friendly here, heading to Abu dhabi, then for a quick dip at the beach.



I have 23hrs to explore Dubai, hehe lets see how much I can soak in. Rent a car, take the metro or a cabs. Decisions!