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Bermuda Carnival




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Sherniah B&w eating



Shernaniah B&w stairring

There are weird ‘glitch moments’ as I would like to call them where I’d be walking to the subway or eating lunch, like today, and suddenly a long forgotten memory will SMACK, plant itself vividly into my present time. So while cleaning out my PC today, sorting out the shit from what’s important then backing up thousands of photos and videos, it is in that moment I realize that our brains are far more superior to that sleek iMac starring back at me on my desk. Don’t get me wrong I’m fully aware long before that our brains are vastly superior to a CPU, however I never really had a direct reason to stare back at my screen to ponder on it and compare processes. What interest me though is one process and that is how we don’t store thousands of snapshots per month or long recordings of our day-to-day for recollection like we use a Computer’s Hard Drive for.

Imagine if we had to occasionally organize our memory banks, choosing yearly what we want to keep or chuck in the mental recycling bin – that would be a very tedious process – thank god that task is an automated process in our heads. Somewhere in between the intricacies, our brains or maybe our consciousness decides what to tag & grab from the fleeting thoughts and moments, however best believe that what it chooses to grab is only quality moments be good, bad, funny or sad times, and these quality moments never fade or leave you throughout the years here.

In order to quickly remember almost anything, I’ve come to the realization that I only need to associate them with an emotion, it’s my mental tag I guess. For example the pictures above, look at her face fr a minute, for me it displayed all these micro-emotions, expressing way deeper thought beyond just enjoying the meal in front of her. I absorbed these for a while, all the happenings and the feelings of that moment was already being stored mentally way before I thought about grabbing my camera. Actually, had I not have my camera with me that snapshot, that moment would have been etched in my brain regardless. She had no idea that I took these snaps until later.



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Hibernation Cave


Finally got this projector (8350)  that I’d been eying for a while, took me roughly an hour to setup with a fixed drop down screen. Building my cave for those nights where you don’t want to attend that party, the rainy days where you don’t want to leave your bed, those tempting gorgeous weekends; it doesn’t matter if it’s bright and sunny out with plenty of activities to get involve in.. like missing the Great GoogaMooga Festival  literally a block away from me at Prospect Park. Sometimes nothing can compare to a lazy worry free afternoon where you either read a new book from start to finish, or watch an entire season of some random show on Netflix. Discard everything prior it’s just my addiction making excuses… I AM HOOKED ON AMC’S BREAKING BAD!

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Vintage things – Vintage look


Getting up to speed: Finally decided to check it out, but had no idea that Instagram was only available for the I-phone, pfff not yet available for Android…so whats a tech guy to do, I created my own preset in Lightroom. Tada!

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