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To the other side


Walking to the other side
With the Devil trying to take my mind
And my soul’s just a silhouette
On the ashes of a cigarette

Illusions never fake their lives
Trick cards fool the eyes
Carry zeros over till they add up
Bury tears in the chapters you shut

Sometimes the jail can’t chain the cell
And the rain’s too plain to tell
All alone by a barren well
Scarecrow’s only scaring himself

I’ve been digging the ground
Beneath the dust and the clouds
I see miles and miles
Of junkyard piles

I wanted hope from a grave
I wanted strength from a spade
What gives you comfort now
Might be the end of your vein

Crows are pulling at my clothes
The wind got my fingers froze
Standin’ all day, keepin’ watch
Over all the treasures we’ve lost

Sometimes the jail can’t chain the cell
And the rain’s to plain to tell
All alone by a barren well
The scarecrow’s only scaring himself

Scarecrow’s only scaring himself
Scarecrow’s only scaring himself
Scarecrow’s only scaring himself

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Austin Coke Bottle2-1-3.jpg

Haven’t seen a glass Coca-Cola bottle since living in the Caribbean, so didn’t hesitate to snatch up a few when I spotted a case at a Mexican deli in Brooklyn. It’s such an elegant bottle that It just compelled me to do something creative with it. This was going to be part of a miniature (little people) series that I was working on but scrapped. Might post the rest of the photo’s here. I specifically had this person in mind when I thought up this photo, she just looks like a pixie — glad she agreed to pose for this.

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Puppy Heaven


That little bundle of joy up in the clouds is “Ellis” a Dachshund-Lab mix, fostering him for two weeks before I adopt him…

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I am gonna get you…


Trace 1-2.jpgTrace 2-1.jpgTrace 3-3.jpgwalk away-4.jpgTrace 4-6.jpgsit down-5.jpg

These images formed in my head after listening to the dutty track, attached above. Haha. I really love  Nina Kraviz’s voice on this, my absolute favorite part of this track is around 3:32, there’s something so powerful and erotic in that area, when she abruptly stops talking and starts to sing, then the beat drops. Luv it!
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You are what you eat


Feeling hardcore this morning was about to bump some rap then this came on while riding the Q train. What! why! how did this get on my playlist. I looked like a crazy person laughing my ass off while trying to hold on to the pole. Listen to this.

Anyway, have you ever dropped by a new friend or date’s apartment, or scrap that, lets say: invited to a party, you drink one to many beers, now you have to use the bathroom, you flush, now you’re washing your hands, you look into the mirror to make sure that you’re still fresh…now pause…have you ever been tempted to sneak a peek in the medicine cabinet.

Well, don’t, do you know that you wanna know about someone then open their refrigerator, all you need to know about them is most likely in there.. I sneak observant peeks all the time.  It’s simple.

Me: “can I have a glass of water”.  Charlie: “oh, sure, refrigerator’s over there, the glasses are in the cabinet, upper right.”

Heineken …WTF Charlie! I have one word for you…. ‘Developers’. Actually Heineken will probably earn some cool points, sure when the sky falls, since the 007 can’t afford Martinis anymore.


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One more cup


A bit early to mention, but all I want for this Christmas, if the world doesn’t finally end is a brand new stomach. I’ve been in so much pain in the past 4 days. Last year I had a poor friend spend 9hrs in the emergency room with me; wrongly self diagnose myself, I thought I was having heart problems because of where the pain radiated from. Now, after being knock out cold for an endoscopy, results: it’s an ongoing ulcer in my large intestine. Going crazy from not being able to sleep, a few cups of soothing mint tea is the only thing which takes away the thought of blowing my head off at night.

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What to wear?


Everyone I know, from friends to family members to girlfriends they all seem to set out the clothes that they’re going to wear for the day, before going to bed. I get the time saving reasoning, but this has always been a weird & foreign thing to observe. Beyond knowing the temperature outside, I get up, and dress according to how I feel that morning. A chaotic flash in my head, 10secs max, then I hop into the shower.

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Lost project

Bathroom Knife.JPG

So, I came across this while backing up files on my pc, took this test shot 2 months ago. I know I have notes for this, sort of a series I had drawn out in my “stick man, can’t draw for shit” sketch book, but never finished it due to moving. I will have to check my notes and re-spark this.

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Brooklyn Bridge


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