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Be still


Have you ever stood on the shore of a calm, peaceful lake and watched the reflections in it? The trees, the mountains, the clouds, the sky, all were mirrored there—just as perfectly, as beautifully, as the objects themselves. But try to get such a reflection from the ocean! It cannot be done, because the ocean is always restless, always stirred up by winds or waves or tides.


So it is with your mind. You cannot reflect the richness and plenty of Universal Mind, you cannot mirror peace and health and happiness, if you are constantly worried, continually stirred by waves of fear, winds of anger, tides of toil and striving. You must relax at times.

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Golden brown….texture like sun


Hatching up plans to hike a bit more before the summer sun bows-out.

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Feeding the brain




It’s important to me that I antiquate the things that I learnt yesterday, and replace it with new experiences & new knowledge; took me while but  today I finally conquered Morse code, writing & translation. I guess this will be a useful nugget for the Zombie apocalypse that everyone is talking about, haha.


Test your might! Translate my code:

.. / .- — / -. — .– / ..-. ..- .-.. .-.. -.– / .- -… .-.. . / – — / ..- -. -.. . .-. … – .- -. -.. –..– / .– .-. .. – . / .- -. -.. / .-.. .. … – . -. / – — / — — .-. … . / -.-. — -.. . .-.-.- / -… -.– / – …. . / .– .- -.– / .– . .-.. -.-. — — . / – — / –. .- .-. -. . – / … -. .- .–. … .-.-.-



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Orinoco Flow

untitled (2 of 5).jpguntitled (1 of 1)-5.jpguntitled (1 of 1)-8.jpguntitled (1 of 1)-9.jpguntitled (5 of 5).jpg


I already miss being out there, it’s such a calming thrill if there’s such a term, but It’s also good to be back on dry land. It’s surprisingly still warm out on the water, so I had to take advantage of it; nailing down my sailing certifications one at a time.

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Eat what you catch


A taste of what I am jamming to while cleaning and seasoning this big red mama!

I can’t believe it. It’s been a year since I stopped eating chicken/red meat/ poured a glass of milk or fried an egg for breakfast, a year ago I woke up one day and had no craving for a piece of steak that was on my lunch plate, later that day I caught myself strangely eating around some diced chicken in a dinner salad. I didn’t set out to drastically switch up my diet; in fact I have no recollection of any conscious thoughts that would set me on that path on that particular day. It just happened, that I can no longer eat these things. Weird. However, I still enjoy seafood from time to time, whatever possessed my thoughts on that day doesn’t seem to reject it. I decided to look this up, apparently theres a term for people like me:

“A pescetarian, their diet shares many of its components with a vegetarian diet and includes vegetablesfruitnutsgrainsbeanseggs, and dairy, but unlike a vegetarian diet it also includes fish and shellfish.”


I don’t eat eggs or dairy, so I guess a further deduced term is hiding somewhere in the dictionary . While Googling, I came across this video “Three reasons not to eat fish“  it’s so well edited, invoking much pity by showing  animal (Fish) cruelty. Almost made me feel bad about my catch, until I spotted a Dolphin in the video, WHAT! A Dolphin is not a fish, from my little fishing and bio knowledge, they are warm blooded, have  little hair fibres not scales, have lungs and need to come up to breath from time to time, and they give birth to a young  which requires it’s mother’s milk for a year.Spotting the Dolphin was my little justification for dismissing the entire video . That’s where my pity stops, I will work my way up sometime, but fish is SO delicious.

I’m a cruel guy.I know.Ha!


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Walking: Had a Snappy feeling :-)


“The people that I’ve met, the places that I’ve been, are a part of all that makes me the man that I so proudly am”
I was listening to the song above while sorting thru pictures over a cup of tea, my mind drifted away, to my 8 year old body sitting at the beach, spinning a tiny metal globe on my new pencil, while teasing the waves as they tried with every push to reach my feet,  I now realize that the boy spinning that globe is still trapped in me, still as confused  about the world  that I live in as I was back then; but now I vow to understand, to travel every inch of it that I can afford, be it by land or by sea. I don’t want to  just to read about it anymore, in an Encyclopedia as I curiously did back then, or the internet today. I want to see it with own two eyes, touch things with my own two hands, walk these places with my own two feet. I would love to see it all!
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Rubberdub Man


It was suiting that we ran across the “Rubberdub man”  after a reggae concert. The most entertaining subway performer ever .  I have no idea what the guy calls himself, but I call him “rubber-dub” because one of his routines includes an extremely graphic dance with an imaginary girlfriend while he howls like a wolf and yells “gal you wanna rubberdub” and also given the fact that he sings his tunes over Dub tracks.  You can run into him from midnight onwards on the Brooklyn bound Q train.

“Dub is a genre of music which grew out of reggae music in the 1960s, and is commonly considered a subgenre though it has developed to extend beyond the scope of reggae. Music in this genre consists predominantly of instrumental remixes of existing recordings and is achieved by significantly manipulating and reshaping the recordings, usually by removing the vocals from an existing music piece, emphasizing the drum and bass parts (this stripped down track is sometimes referred to as a ‘riddim’).”

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