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Lets spin


…am not the best dancer but i can spin two kids like baseketballs on my finger until they get vertigo!

Dancing with the stars

[KGVID width=”640″ height=”427″][/KGVID]
What a great weekend! Love these two brats very much!

How not to grocery shop with kids




[KGVID width=”568″ height=”320″][/KGVID]

Right way   Screw that! Everyone deserves a pig out session.


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Quick trip to that little Island that I frequented every weekend in my teens, used to be my second home. My first girlfriend was from Staten Island; the commute hasn’t change much, still a torturous commute at night, just as I remembered.. being a carefree 17yr old riding the ferry at 3am.

Jus chillin


A nice quiet Saturday afternoon.

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A little one


It seems like everyone’s having a little one, makes me happy to see their joy 🙂

Disney on Ice


Whoa, haven’t been updating this site at all lately 🙁 — in the process of stripping it down to just a micro-photo-blog site or simply merge the domain with tumblr. Love hanging with the niece, though I think it’s subconsciously my excuse to drag her along to do fun kid stuff that I missed out on.

Knock Knock

neriyah hands2-1.jpg

She wanted to make a scarey pic, so there’s that.

Inflatable Uncle


My niece always jumps and throws her heavy-little-self on me; to her I am made of air — her inflatable uncle!

Uncle Appreciation!


I haven’t had any time for my camera lately, have been a bit preoccupied with sailing stuff, just today I learnt how to tie 12 boating knots. Ah, yes, this photo: My niece made me this cute card for my refrigerator–I love it. (Her drawings are better than my stick figures, learning from the book below) I promised that I would go riding with her thru prospect park, but haven’t bought a bike  for myself as yet. Craigslist here I come…..

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