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And so summer begins

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Affairs of the heart


‘I will be the wind that blows, you’ll be that willow tree. I could never bear the thought of you not by my side; so I will be the warmth of day, and you’ll be the cool of night’

Tropical storm Fay


Rough night, storm wrecks the Island. Fark! 

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Beach bumming


He has the right idea.

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Rise and Shine

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Promised to take a dip before leaving!

Home sweet…


Well.. Bermudian home. Time to pack, sleep and make it back to NYC for 10 am. Tempted to stop by the beach one last time before my flight! I think I will do just that, fuck it, why not!

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Bad day for a dive, water is very choppy! Let see how this goes.

Clear skies


Speeding by saw a white hibiscus in the corner of my eye. Matches my all white gear, so…I grabbed it along for the ride.

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Safe return


Hours later after baking in the sun came back out and my stuff wasn’t stolen. Wow!

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Secret spot

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Found this little deserted spot with just the right size waves!