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Walking: Had a Snappy feeling :-)


“The people that I’ve met, the places that I’ve been, are a part of all that makes me the man that I so proudly am”
I was listening to the song above while sorting thru pictures over a cup of tea, my mind drifted away, to my 8 year old body sitting at the beach, spinning a tiny metal globe on my new pencil, while teasing the waves as they tried with every push to reach my feet,  I now realize that the boy spinning that globe is still trapped in me, still as confused  about the world  that I live in as I was back then; but now I vow to understand, to travel every inch of it that I can afford, be it by land or by sea. I don’t want to  just to read about it anymore, in an Encyclopedia as I curiously did back then, or the internet today. I want to see it with own two eyes, touch things with my own two hands, walk these places with my own two feet. I would love to see it all!
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Froze in my tracks while grabbing a drink from my refrigerator, I wasn’t aware that I could see the memorial light beams from my window…well just one.  Looking up I was reminded of the agony that I felt 11 years ago from the things that I had seen. I am neutral in all aspects of politics/war, have never touched a weapon in my entire life not even for recreation nor curiosity  and don’t ever plan to, however during the events of that day my core beliefs were a bit shaken, as with everyone who stood and watch, I too wanted to see vengeance. Wishfully thinking: I hope that this feeling, the agony of that day, the want for vengeance, I can only hope that it was a first and a last, as I continue to wish for peace throughout my life time.



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SplishSplash Avenue


Got splashed by a car while blabbering on my phone this morning. I can’t hate, my mischievous self would have done the same. Great opportunity to relax in the Blue Lagoon (my tub) today.

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Bixi stroll: Ctown


I am no big fan of HDR photography, but there are times like this where it enhances the captured shot. I didn’t get to spend much time in Chinatown, cycled past it camera-less at the time.. but…..every city has a Chinatown.”Montreal’s Chinatown is a vibrant nightspot for locals and tourists alike thanks to a special regulation by Montreal’s city officials which slates the sector as a tourist area, thus allowing it to continue operations well into the evening” After reading this quote I regret not giving it a walkthrough to search for a chill-out spot, because besides old Montreal, most places closed up shop quite early.

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Laundry Nite




Excuse 1: Well I don’t spend much time home.

Excuse 2: Well I’ve been sick on and off lately.

Actually, I am not home on the weekends and quite frankly I am  just a bit lazy at home during the work week.  A Iot of things are conveniently close to me, such as, the laundromat is approximately 17ft  across the street from my apt, but doing laundry has always been such a pain in the arse, for one simple reason… I sort, I wash, I dry, but.. I CAN’T FOLD. Here’s what I do when its time to remove  my clothes from the dryer. I  grab my bag, do a ‘180 head-turn’ like I  am taking in a long breath of fresh air. If no one has their eyes on me, then I quickly stuff everything into my bag.. and… I am off. A minute of shame, but in actuality.. I could care less. Folding clothes has always been another one of these otherwise normal things that I don’t care to do, because, except for seasonal gear, I wear almost all of my clothes in a span of 3 weeks. So, they’re not going be sitting pretty in a drawer for show or for me to admire how neatly stacked & sorted they are… NO, no way! However, don’t assume that they are laying around in a mess either. A lazy man trick if you have the closet space, is to have enough hangers on deck to hang every single thing..well expect for boxers and socks of-course. If you do that, I promise a week after doing laundry, you won’t forget where that v-neck t-shirt disappeared too. ..Yea it’s deep down in your drawer, in that neat little stack pile, you just can’t see it.

My Laundry Playlist



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Money ain’t a thing!

I just ripped up some crisp ‘legal tender’onies  while yelling “MONEY AIN’T A THING” because: ‘Phuck it’….. I FELT LIKE IT! Actually… not, I went to pick up mail at the old address & being the best human paper shredder  on this planet, I started making puzzle pieces with the spam, but there was a nondescript envelope filled with $20s in the mix that I didn’t take notice of. In the end, much thanks goes out to Richard Gurley Drew!




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One more cup


A bit early to mention, but all I want for this Christmas, if the world doesn’t finally end is a brand new stomach. I’ve been in so much pain in the past 4 days. Last year I had a poor friend spend 9hrs in the emergency room with me; wrongly self diagnose myself, I thought I was having heart problems because of where the pain radiated from. Now, after being knock out cold for an endoscopy, results: it’s an ongoing ulcer in my large intestine. Going crazy from not being able to sleep, a few cups of soothing mint tea is the only thing which takes away the thought of blowing my head off at night.

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Talents: Born or Made?


Age old question,  but it’s weighing on my mind lately; is there really such a thing as ‘God given / natural talent’? As a kid, I wish I had the ability to draw as good as my older brother , but even now I still can’t get past the usual stick figures, boat and leaf drawings. Observing him at 8yrs old; it seemed like he just knew how to,  no one taught him, like it was just instilled in him, somehow he just knew how to draw. I think that there are  millions of people out there with the talent to be good at certain things that aren’t, because they didn’t put in the time. Sadly, my brother stopped drawing completely, but today I’ve realized that some part of me still want to prove to myself that I can ‘learn’ to draw as good as he did. (Would it count as a skill & not talent, given that I had to learn it. HA!)

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Misty Morning


Misty mornin', don't see no sun; I know you're out there somewhere having fun. 
There is one mystery - yea-ea-eah - I just can't express: To give your more, to receive your less. 
One of my good friend said, in a reggae riddim, "Don't jump in the water, if you can't swim."
The power of philosophy - yea-ea-eah - floats through my head.
Light like a feather, heavy as lead; Light like a feather, heavy as lead, yeah. 
See no sun! 


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Sunset in The City


Beautiful sunset while walking to Highland Park in Manhattan.

“Every time you wake up and ask yourself, What good things am I going to do today?, remember that when the sun goes down at sunset, it will take a part of your life with it”

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