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Da Corner Bodega


Drew Hamilton’s Corner Bodega/ store Project, sharply detailed installation at Bric Arts and Media Center in Forte Greene Brooklyn. Love this place, check out their upcoming events schedule and media classes.

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Fun nite. South African dinner, we then all released lanterns in memory of Nelson Mandela!

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I love traveling but there’s always been something very unnatural about being up so high, gliding at 550 mph in an aluminum tube — sure it’s safe statistically, but to me,  it’s an uneasy feeling to be in the domain made for the birds. So normally to prep myself, I try to pick a random album the night before which is about the same duration as the flight; it has to be new music that my brain isn’t yet familiar with, the lyrics nor the beats, that way I am 100% fully absorb and distracted from any turbulence or morbid thoughts, focus just purely on what I am hearing, analyzing lyrics, beat production etc & making decisions as to whether I like what I am hearing or not.

This song  came up on my playlist while on my last flight, I immediately got a calm feeling throughout and like a drug addiction I wanted more of that feeling, at-lease until the end of the flight — shuffle was disabled and the repeat button became my best friend for 2 hrs. This is the first time seeing visuals for this track, the dancer killed it with his movements synchronized perfectly to the vibe of the song. I like!!!!!!

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Two Weeks

FKA TWIGS [two weeks] from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Amazing voice and unique I thought when I heard Twigs voice a few months ago. Favorite song and visuals from Twigs here: Papi Pacify

But I was shocked, with excitement of-course, when I realized my favorite music video director was set to do the visuals for Two weeks. Anything Nabil does is freaking amazing. Love this guy’s work.

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Sad ending


Very sad ending to a beautiful day, stood just a few feet away as the Medical Examiner load up the van with the body of a missing child who drowned in the lake at Prospect Park.  The look on the parents faces in the back of the park ranger’s van — I just wished  that I could donated a few years off my life to give life back to their daughter, and erase that look from their faces.

This is not the lake in the picture, but just me observing this Swan while walking home, although sleeping on my initail approach, with every foot step I made or slight increase of the wind, the Swan would pop it’s head up and twirl it in a 180 twist to check up on it’s little ones, you can partially see them (little greys) to the back of it. It gave me the death stare as I got too close, then a nod, in that nod and stare I think I made a promise to always keep my kids close by and as safe as I can keep them whenever they’re under my watchful eye. I hope to never have that look on my face or see it in wife’s eyes. I hope it gets better over time for them. :(


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Beautiful sunny day at prospect park, it was today. Is there such a thing as too much fetch? I think so. Jesus! I’ve never seen a dog so eager to please as she is. Time after time, no matter the distance that the stick was thrown out into the lake,  little miss sunshine would put on a brave face, muster up some raw energy then eargly jump in to that dirty lake water to fetch it.  She enjoyed it, over, over and over again, with the same level of enthusiam as the first time.  Ah …That’s it,  I need to approach everything in life like this dog, that’s what it was trying to teach me all along, key to ultimate happiness! ….Right!

I wonder  if that sweet little shit was faking it the whole time, and was actually bored by the 3rd fetch; It’s a she afterall.  So my cousin and I get into these weird ‘childlike view of the world conversations’ every now and then, so in the middle of  the silence while watching the dog swim back to shore, I yelled ” I wonder if dogs have accents, like if we bring a jamacian dog or say a dog from Chile to the US, would the American dog understand the forgein pup”.  Ofcourse this has long been answered already. And took us 2secs to whip out an Iphone and ask the internet Overlord,  Google.

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Oh what a night what a night! I never turn down a reggae concert EVER! Luciano made it an ire night. The new iphone 5c takes decent pics even at night — I almost never carry my dslr on outings anymore. Speaking of which,  I have tons of fun photos to unload from my phone, will do sometime. Oh…My Bday that I totally forgot about is officially over. June 27th -28th, (born at 11:59 / midnight so my mother celebrates the 28th while my birth cert and id says 27th) until next time.

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Saint Lucia


Oh sweet St.Lucia “Helen of the west”, as our national anthem states “Wheresoever ‘I’ may roam,love, oh, love our island home” — so please forgive me, I love you, but I still need more time to roam. There’s so much to see before I can return;  so until then please take good care of my dad, brothers, sisters and other family members.

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Look what I found


Double meaning to that subject line, found these shots emptying out my camera but I found this awesome spot running around the tunnels in the old fort at the dockyard. Spotted this peep hole, probably an old cannon ball dug out with a perfect scope of a cruise ship. I’ve always been really close to accepting a cruise line deal but never pulled the trigger on a actual purchase; after seeing the weird bunch of people exiting the ramps, happy I avoided it —  seem to envision my time on a cruise ship will be equivalent to being in Times Square, only instead of having the option to exit,  hop on the Q train home, I am stuck in the middle of the freaking Ocean. Maybe I need to try one before insulting! 

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