Last ride

Took a wrong turn, bike!  Fark!

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Rise and Shine

Promised to take a dip before leaving!

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Home sweet…


Well.. Bermudian home. Time to pack, sleep and make it back to NYC for 10 am. Tempted to stop by the beach one last time before my flight! I think I will do just that, fuck it, why not!

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Bad day for a dive, water is very choppy! Let see how this goes.

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Clear skies


Speeding by saw a white hibiscus in the corner of my eye. Matches my all white gear, so…I grabbed it along for the ride.

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Safe return


Hours later after baking in the sun came back out and my stuff wasn’t stolen. Wow!

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Secret spot

Found this little deserted spot with just the right size waves! 

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Fishing contest


Of course she won!…what did you expect!

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Little shopping


Missed the glass blowing class but there are plenty of spots for classes back home in NYC, picked up a glass necklace and studs for the lovely little lady that makes me blush all the freaking time!


These iphone images are a bit heavy and takes time to load, also seems like the quality of the photos from the iphone is now on par with a DSLR. Wow!

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Sun’s gone, but the fun is still on. Rum and hotdogs! The little ones took over the cove in this vid!


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