Shipwreck dive time but Poseidon is in a bad mood.

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Sand & sun


My beach-resting-face!

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Real Quick


0-85 down this hill real quick….on that going to the beach shit!

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Lets ride


eeny meeny miny moe!

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Last dash


I’m back beaches! Decided to soak my skin one last time before it gets cold in NYC! Love Bermuda!

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Current Vibez

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He’s whipped

It gets better with every card..

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How not to grocery shop with kids




Right way   Screw that! Everyone deserves a pig out session.


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Late night grub

image (3).jpeg

Caribbean classic Grated Cucumbers,  Breadfruit w spicy Salt-fish and Avocado. Music

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Afternoon jog ended with me resting my head on the grass at 3 pm, totally passed out, raised my head and got up at 6. Love this park (prospect park) in the summer.

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