Late night grub

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Caribbean classic Grated Cucumbers,  Breadfruit w spicy Salt-fish and Avocado. Music

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Afternoon jog ended with me resting my head on the grass at 3 pm, totally passed out, raised my head and got up at 6. Love this park (prospect park) in the summer.

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Fruit shopping



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Practicing Vovinam

She’s at lease 68 but pretty sure she can kick my ass.

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Road trip: Return to NYC


Dashing back to NYC, sleep gauge on E. Need to be at work @9am. A few dangerous 110 MPH speed burst got GPS to now predict 8:30am arrival.

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Road Trip: Caribana


Was the order of the weekend:  7hr dash  across the boarder in time for Caribana 2014.

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Quick trip to that little Island that I frequented every weekend in my teens, used to be my second home. My first girlfriend was from Staten Island; the commute hasn’t change much, still a torturous commute at night, just as I remembered.. being a carefree 17yr old riding the ferry at 3am.

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Da Corner Bodega


Drew Hamilton’s Corner Bodega/ store Project, sharply detailed installation at Bric Arts and Media Center in Forte Greene Brooklyn. Love this place, check out their upcoming events schedule and media classes.

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Fun nite. South African dinner, we then all released lanterns in memory of Nelson Mandela!

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