Hiking weather


The light at the end of the road leads to a………..BEACH!

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I need 80-90 degree weather as soon as possible, or simply a tropical getaway, ya know..sand between my toes, ocean breeze. Current mood: sometimes you just feel like moving ya bones even while walking down the street, fuck it move it in public!!!

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The Restaurant

VERY excited to see Eric’s film project edge a little closer on Kickstarter.  Watch the teaser and Help this film get made!!!!

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Head on a cloud stuffed pillow.


Tilted my head back for a minute, felt like just a few minutes later I got a tap on my shoulder “Sir you can wake up now, we’ve landed”. Checked my watch, sure enough its 8:12am, we took off at 6:00am. I swear, I think someone drugged me, but i loved it, wish for this to happen more frequently, like EVERY FLIGHT I TAKE. Thank you Delta for the 40k sky-miles..

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Raining d%#ks

OK this hipster rap is hilarious! Directed by Eric!

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paparazzi for a night


Very inspiring to see how far my friend Eric (director/writer/editor) has progressed with his craft, such a good turn out for the showcasing of his short films.

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Ahhh…Home! I just love the fact that you can see the ocean and the horizon from any hilltop.

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Greek Jazz night

Every once in a while someone says something to you, that you just can’t forget or unhear; and these words you just know that they will eat away at you and eventually get you to change some particular course of your life. Tonight, here, over drinks and pasta, something was said to me…..and I knew. I just knew.


Da Capo: Liking this little spot. Great food, calming ambiance, warm friendly staff all the ingredients for a chilled night.

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Le noeud


“I have some scars from where I’ve been
You’ve got eyes that can see right through me
You’re not afraid of anything they’ve seen
I don’t know how these cuts heal.
But in you I found a right!”
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Be still


Have you ever stood on the shore of a calm, peaceful lake and watched the reflections in it? The trees, the mountains, the clouds, the sky, all were mirrored there—just as perfectly, as beautifully, as the objects themselves. But try to get such a reflection from the ocean! It cannot be done, because the ocean is always restless, always stirred up by winds or waves or tides.


So it is with your mind. You cannot reflect the richness and plenty of Universal Mind, you cannot mirror peace and health and happiness, if you are constantly worried, continually stirred by waves of fear, winds of anger, tides of toil and striving. You must relax at times.

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