A different girl


I admire her bravery, she asked for a sexy photo, looked me in my eye then tossed her dress, so I grabbed my camera and captured this.

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A good jazzy laugh

This is hilarious. Had no Idea Hathaway could sing. I didn’t! Haven’t seen Les Mis√©rable.

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These two are oozing Wove & Mawwiage!

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Round & Round

DSC_9246 copy-3.jpg

Everything feels like touchdown on a rainy day…..



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Friday Morning


Genuine smile returns, feels amazing to replenish my positive energy — back up to 100% — a series of unfortunate events had me feeling a bit drained for the past few weeks.


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Still holding on to some hope that all the passengers are safe and the plane is indeed intact.. somewhere. :-(

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Oh na na…

Love seeing all my instagram’s fitness girl crushes assemble in one hot video: Rosa Acosta & Mankofit!

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Ooh La La

c90-nude huge-Recovered.jpg

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In the air


The chill is gone, when it hits you the air has a subtle warm texture to it;  Spring is in the air, almost here, you can feel it everywhere! :-)

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A little one


It seems like everyone’s having a little one, makes me happy to see their joy :-)

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