The cold weather has been very mild lately but  that still does nothing to soothe my itching to get away to a more tropical environment.  I tend to not read the news daily, so I am always  very behind on current events, which is  a bit bad  to be uninformed in today’s world, however I think it’s more so that reading about another war  or the new thing of the moment ‘underlying racial tensions’  is not what I want to fill my head with in the morning. This morning I did happen to pop open BBC on my iPhone and left the page with a huge  smile after just one article. My dream for the past 2 years has been to travel to Cuba to explore the little island frozen in time, and this might soon be possible without using devious means (traveling from Canada/Mexico on my native passport) .  Excited to see how this plays out once an embassy is installed in Cuba in a few months.

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Bonjour Quebec


Quebec city! Always a fairy like destination; was anything but ….brutally cold! Couldn’t get enough of the Maple Syrup Taffy pops, I think it taste better outdoors when it serves as a distraction from the cold.



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Affairs of the heart


‘I will be the wind that blows, you’ll be that willow tree. I could never bear the thought of you not by my side; so I will be the warmth of day, and you’ll be the cool of night’

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Lets spin


…am not the best dancer but i can spin two kids like baseketballs on my finger until they get vertigo!

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Tropical storm Fay


Rough night, storm wrecks the Island. Fark! 

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Dancing with the stars

What a great weekend! Love these two brats very much!

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The Red door

ladyy walking.jpg

“Walking is a virtue, tourism is a deadly sin.”

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West Indies born

Blessed to be chilling in the West Indies, got the sunshine, rivers and trees.

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Beach bumming


He has the right idea.

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Liking this.. minus the raps.

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