Ahhh…Home! I just love the fact that you can see the ocean and the horizon from any hilltop.

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Greek Jazz night

Every once in a while someone says something to you, that you just can’t forget or unhear; and these words you just know that they will eat away at you and eventually get you to change some particular course of your life. Tonight, here, over drinks and pasta, something was said to me…..and I knew. I just knew.


Da Capo: Liking this little spot. Great food, calming ambiance, warm friendly staff all the ingredients for a chilled night.

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Le noeud


“I have some scars from where I’ve been
You’ve got eyes that can see right through me
You’re not afraid of anything they’ve seen
I don’t know how these cuts heal.
But in you I found a right!”
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Be still


Have you ever stood on the shore of a calm, peaceful lake and watched the reflections in it? The trees, the mountains, the clouds, the sky, all were mirrored there—just as perfectly, as beautifully, as the objects themselves. But try to get such a reflection from the ocean! It cannot be done, because the ocean is always restless, always stirred up by winds or waves or tides.


So it is with your mind. You cannot reflect the richness and plenty of Universal Mind, you cannot mirror peace and health and happiness, if you are constantly worried, continually stirred by waves of fear, winds of anger, tides of toil and striving. You must relax at times.

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“I see that you’re enjoying St.Lucia from your pictures, so when are you coming back to Bermy to fish?”

Nah not really, was there for a funeral, not sure when I will visit Bermy again. I’m saving, plus got a bunch of other places I want to go this year. Cutting back on the tropical trips, since I want to do a Euro trip this year.



“Euro Trip? Boring! Rome, Spain, Paris etc I did it I know, Boring. Come back in March there’s lots to do, plus remember the BEACH yo”

Yea, I’ll think about March. A little busy with work still 3 pm here, gotta go, will keep in touch.

We both knew that means HELL YES! There’s no other place like Bermuda!!!!

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Eye of the Tiger


Had no clue that my friend had this beautiful tat on her back all year, until I saw a peek of it thru her sheer blouse tonight; not a fan of big visible tats on women, but this is neat! Had to grab my camera.

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Dashing in the snow


How did we land SAFELY in that mess! Toronto to JFK. WHEW!!

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Going nowhere


Love the tunes, the sun, the sky,  the people…

being home or just simply being in a tropical environment does good things to my spirit; its unexplainable.


And…we are lost.

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Sunset & Sailboats


Lovely moderate evening out, two of my favorites in one picture. So Giddy!

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Little things

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