The Joys of Shooting a wedding!

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The joys of shooting a wedding…the concentrated happiness poured in by friends and family members of the bride and groom; happy people, smiling faces everywhere, makes shooting a wedding so much fun. One more destination wedding to go in a few weeks.

On another note, this blog needs retiring, as I focus a bit more seriously on photography I will be separating my travels and main photography into two blog sites soon.

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Quick getaway


NYC’s heat with no beaches is forcing my hand…another quick beach getaway


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Getting lost


The little gems you find at times when you take the wrong turn…

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Bermuda Carnival




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Travel bug: Time to go back

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Bangkok>Pataya>Ko Chang> Ko Phangan>Koh Tao>Ko Lanta > Phucket> Koh Samui

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Wasn’t you…

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To Eat, Laugh & Chill


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Hair and there



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We’re in 1st Place


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Bird in the rain


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